Mobile devices are the new frontier of energy efficiency, able to bring their services and functions precisely in the micro-zone where they are needed
Modular and multifunctional
AIMS the platform.
The purpose of the present technical development is to
design and optimize best interactive solutions
in order to move, power and manage, multiple multifunctional devices loaded on it.
provides features, such as:
– illuminating, surveying, entertaining, air-conditioning,
communicating and assisting remote customers and remote patients
– setting up and organize spaces in a stable or situational way,
monitoring environmental conditions,
Amazing new experiences.
The 23rd chapter of the Thousand and One Nights, only now imagined, tells that Sheikh Hārūn al-Rashīd, … was so in love with a “young woman with a beautiful figure, polite gestures, a face that shone like the moon, eyes Babylonians, eyebrows like stretched arches, an elegant build, a scent of amber, sugar lips and locks sparkling with the sun “, who asked the Genius of the lamp to invent a tool that would allow him to explore and discover the beauty and grace of his sweetheart, (the intimate relationship between the lover’s eyes and the object of his love), in order to unveil her…
human centric lighting: a platform that moves the light source, which in turn is directed and oriented as desired through software and remote control.
As part of the PHOTONIC MODEL, as we do mean it, the bright corpuscle flows along its helical wave. This is meant to be our contribution to the great history of man, to try to portray the True.