Numerically Controlled Functions (NCF)

Mobile Light
A new Ideative and Design Principle.
The transition from the principle of Fixed Light to that of The
Mobile Light, has in itself the root for future developments in the
conception of new multifunctional devices in the civil and
industrial spheres.
The same ARCHITECTURAL design will adapt to the change of the
conception of the ways of MAKING LIGHT.
Design and build SMART devices
MULTIFUNCTIONALS will be the natural consequence
imagining the countless possible applications.
… a look at virgin lands.
A new industrial dawn
The motion one, or rather that of the:
automation 4.0,
building automation, architecture 4.0 in the home, in offices, in
the exhibition areas…
Where SCENARI can be set up and managed by optimizing spaces,
functions, tasks and enjoyments of experience.
Where the fact is not designed, but the countless possibilities.
Leading a Revolution
From the POSITIONAL to the SITUATIONAL multifunctional.
Revolutionary because it frees the”objectified” Point of light.
Freed from the stillness to which he had been condemned by the
designer’s sentence.
To become a dwelling alive and subjective.
Each time the Light will tell a different story and will stage our
experiences and our needs.
A game, of lights and shadows.
Variability and polymorphism, which will sort into mental elasticity
and ability to adapt; trained gaze to see different facets from the
perspective of different points of view.
Supreme mimesis … We like imitating light…
As part of the PHOTONIC MODEL, as we do mean it,
the bright corpuscle flows along its helical wave.
This is meant to be our contribution to the great history of man, to try to
portray the True